lmfao this waterfall is throwing up the shockers

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i hate mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, and half of fridays. 

No you hate your job!

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me: joins tumblr for fun

me: starts to critically analyze almost every aspect of modern society 

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They say the war was terrible. That the rest of the world was destroyed. Our founders built the wall to keep us safe, and they divided us into five groups - factions - to keep the peace.

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One chart says it all about the government and female bodies 

We’re only halfway through 2014, and state legislators have already introduced a whopping 468 restrictions intended to limit, control or otherwise regulate women’s reproductive rights.

How many comparable bills have been introduced to regulate men’s reproductive health care during this period? Zero. 

Something’s very wrong with this picture.

What would restricting male reproductive rights even look like? | Follow micdotcom

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she looks like she’s gonna kill the h8rz

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it’s 2014 and having a valid and logical argument with your parents is still “talking back”

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Become self sufficient! It scares our government more than anything!

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Forever reblog the Marvel Christrinity bromances.

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